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Refining a Vision

I guess it is common for many of us to have something that has marked a year, for me 2016 has been important in understanding the direction I want to go with photography. Many factors have contributed to reaching this clarity. In January, I went once again to India and had the great opportunity to spend two fantastic days interacting with 24 beautiful girls from a foster home. It was definitely one of those experiences that has had a profound impact in my life.

This year I also continued working on "Dry Land Flower", documenting the activities of women empowered by the NGO Mexico Tierra de Amaranto. It is now three years since I started this project and 2016 was a year of consolidation and maturity when has become clearer how I can add more value to the NGO.

I have been also very lucky in having Yaelle Amir, curator at the Newspace Center for Photography (Portland OR) as my mentor during the second semester. She raised great questions that made me dig deep into the reasons I like photography and how I want to use it. With her support and the help of my MFA AAU instructors and my peers, I was able to clarify and write my vision and my mission as photographer.

I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the people that have contributed to helping me refine my vision. I also want to wish everyone very Happy Holidays and a great 2017.

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