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Mexico, 20,000 Women, 17 Days, 270 Miles – The Pilgrimage To See The Lady Of Guadalupe

This photographer decided to live the experience walking their 17 day pilgrimage, getting an insider view of their motivations and more importantly living with them the heavily loaded emotional journey. It has become clear that there are no big enough obstacles to stop them from getting to the Basilica to visit their beloved Lady of Guadalupe…only for her sake.


For 57 years, women from the State of Queretaro Mexico have walked every year from their communities to the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe. The Basilica is built near the hill of Tepeyac where the Lady of Guadalupe is believed to have appeared to Juan Diego in the 16th century. The Basilica houses the original cloak, which holds the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Approximately 20 million people visit the Sanctuary every year.

For some women the pilgrimage is 17 days and more than 270 miles. In July 2016, close to 20,000 women of all ages made the journey walking through steep mountains, valleys, dirt roads, and highways, bearing the heat, cold, humidity, and rain. 

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Amazcala Group walking from Tepeji del Rio to Tepotzotlan state of Mexico.

A wave of 20,000 women arriving to Polotitlan in the State of Mexico.

Receiving first aid and seven more days to go.

Custody of the Blessed Sacrament leading the pilgrimage at dawn.

Monseñor Diego Monroy celebrating Mass during heavy rain near Tepotzotlan State of Mexico.

Group Guadalupano de la Sierra in day 4 of their 17 day pilgrimage walking from Landa de Matamoros to Ahuacatlan.

At 5:00AM people giving free coffee or tea to the pilgrims as a sign of solidarity.

Some women carry their babies in strollers and others in their arms.

Rain is not an impediment to walk, attend mass, or simply having a good time.

At the rhythm of violin and drum women from Amealco enter the Basilica in a traditional dress.

A time for reconciliation during the Holy Mass near Polotitlan State of Mexico.

Celebration of Mass and Holy Hour in Cuautitlan State of Mexico.