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Dry Land


My exploration of the transformational power of an empowered woman in a rural community by the NGO Mexico Tierra de Amaranto.


In developing countries like Mexico, one of the inevitable questions is what can be done to improve the living conditions of people in rural communities where indexes of education, nutrition, health, and poverty are significantly worse than in city populations. While there are no easy answers, government and private institutions are in constant search for solutions to this difficult problem. One of these institutions is the NGO Mexico Tierra de Amaranto founded in 2005 by Mary Delano to leverage the outstanding nutritional properties and resilience of the amaranth to generate change. The aim of this exhibition is to increase support to accelerate the speed of change and its reach.


‘Dry Land Flower’ is the story of Margarita Dominguez Marcial, one of the 600 residents of El Varal, who completed two years of school due to her parents’ lack of resources. She represents the situation of millions of women in Mexico rural communities.


This collection of compelling photographs was created over a period of three years by the social documentary photographer Francisco Alcala Torreslanda. 


Each piece in the exhibition reflects different aspects of how El Varal and the neighboring Chiteje de Garabato are being positively transformed with new skills, amaranth production, a more nutritious diet, and with increased levels of service and collaboration. Margarita empowered by Mexico Tierra de Amaranto with knowledge, work ethic, and other tools is playing the key role in this transformation. 

about project

About the Project

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